How does a Student get nominated into the Who’s Who program?
All of our nominations come directly from the college faculty.  We do not accept self-nominations or any nominations that are not directly affiliated with the attending college.

How may I be considered for nom inations into the Who’s Who program if, I have not yet been selected by my College?
Please contact your college for further details regarding their nomination process and procedures.

What are the criteria for being selected into the Who’s Who program?

  • GPA
  • Participation and Leadership within school organization and extracurricular activities
  • Community involvement
  • Future leadership ability and/or potential
  • Colleges also may have other requirements that they take into consideration

How will being a part of this honor’s program help me in the future?
Any Who’s Who nominee may add this award to their resume as an academic excellence award from their college.  They may also list Who’s Who as a reference to confirm the nomination.  To use the confirmation services please add: College name, year of selection, and our email address  whoswhoamongstudents@gmail.com, to any application in case they need to follow up with us for confirmation.

What do I need to do if the name, address or other info is wrong on the Student Profile Questionnaire?
Complete the SPQ form with the correct info and return by deadline by mail or enter your biographical information online by logging onto www.whoswhoamongstudents.com, using your login # and pass code.

What if I have missed the deadline on my SPQ forms?
Please e-mail our customer service department at  whoswhoamongstudents@gmail.com to check on any deadline extensions that may be available.

How do I apply for the scholarship?
Just simply complete and return your profile form.   You can return your form by mail or by logging onto www.whoswhoamongstudents.com, using your login# and pass code.  Bio fee not required for the scholarship entry.

When and where will the scholarship winners be announced?
All scholarship winners will be announced on our website June-July every year at www.whoswhoamongstudents.com.

If I order a book when can I expect it to ship?
Our books ship the same time every year, the first week in August.

If I do not fill out and return the Student Profile Questionnaire forms will my name still be in the book and scholarship drawing?
Your name will be in the book regardless, but the biographical information will not be listed unless the bio fee or book has been ordered.  If you do not return the Student Profile Questionnaire form your name will not be in the scholarship drawing.

May I include a photo for the book?
We do not publish photos in our publications.

Are you affiliated with elementary, middle, high school or the National Deans List?
We are in no way affiliated with these programs.

If I graduated several years ago can I still purchase a book or other items online?
Past nominees do not have access to purchase items online.  Contact our Customer Service Department to place your order. Please note that we do not have any books available previous to 1999.  If you are inquiring about an older edition you may have luck locating it on e-Bay.

Do you ship items outside the United States?
We only ship within the U.S.

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